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(NECN) – Broadside: Surviving Close Encounters with Bears. How to avoid deadly encounters with bears. GUEST: Naturalist/wildlife photographer Mark Brown, who photographed Blaze, the Yellowstone bear euthanized after killing and partially eating a hiker.

Shark Chasing

August 5, 2013

Sharks are back in the news, here's a 2012 clip of Mark discussing sharks on Jim Braude’s Broadside.

(NECN) – Broadside: Shark Chasing. Photographer and shark expert Mark Brown talks sharks on NECN's Broadside, the news with Jim Braude.

Audubon’s Joppa Flats Education Center is proud to present Still of the Moment – Images of the Natural World by Mark Brown. This new exhibit will feature Mark’s latest imagery, including his current project North American Owls.

Photographer and owl expert Mark Brown talks about the recent arrival of barred owls on the Boston Common with

(NECN) – Wildlife expert Mark Brown tells us where he thinks the mountain lion that was fatally struck by a car in Connecticut came from. Brown also shares some personal photos of mountain lions and bears.

(NECN) – Nature photographer Mark Brown shares with us photographs of mountains in Idaho and whales off the Cape Cod coast. This winter, Brown traveled everywhere from Hawaii to Yellowstone.

(NECN) – On Sunday morning Meteorologist Tim Kelley was joined by Wildlife photographer Mark Brown from Andover Massachusetts. Mark shared pictures from Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, California, Oregon and the coast of Massachusetts.

(NECN) – Mark Brown is a wildlife photographer, who has captured some great shots for the NECN weather team. He joins NECN meteorologist Tim Kelley for this In Focus segment.