Still of the Moment – the Nature Photography of Mark Brown

This website is dedicated to recording the magnificient beauty and mystery in the natural world. Often we observe something in nature that we wish we could experience again. By taking an image of this exact moment and recording it, we can go back to that ever so brief instant of time and further enhance our memory of something specatular—that we may never see again in that same way as our mind interpreted the experience. Call it serendipity.

The camera is not our eye. There are limitations in what it can do. There is no camera that focuses depth of field as good as your eye can or is able to focus steadily at an object blitzing by but if one is prepared for the occasion then the camera does a factual job. The advent of digital photography has made great strides in pushing the limits of what technology can do.

Essentially, to photograph wildlife  you need wholehearted patience, professional equipment, reverence for nature and knowledge of your subject and the environment in which it lives in. This site focuses on themes, subjects and places that I encourage you to visit. Whether it be in your mind as you extrapolate information or to go physically to these very same places that I have recorded.