Environmental Science and Wildlife Biology

Mark Brown’s background in environmental science and wildlife biology complement his personal interest with research and preservation of environmental causes. Mark seeks to capture Nature’s poetic beauty for the enjoyment of others to experience and has exhibited and published his work across the US. Mark started in earnest in 1995 while studying mountain lions as a research volunteer in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest and has captured thousands of images since from all over North America.

Fine Art Photography of Nature & the Environment

He focuses his photography on landscape and wildlife images from deserts to forests to mountains to oceans. Born in New York City, Mark grew up in an urban setting and has been fascinated with Nature’s wonders from an early age. The Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo led to a life long pursuit of learning and knowledge about the natural world. But a trip to Yellowstone and the journey to it when he was 7 left an indelible impression. He incorporates this enthusiasm into his work and is an advocate of conservation efforts and is an active member in local and national chapters of environmental stewardship.

Artist Note:

It is of the integrity of the image and the theme to enhance the natural world that a photo must be taken in kind regards to the subject. Trespass includes the moral turpitude of disturbing the peacefulness of the environment.

Nature photography takes a patience like no other. But in order to grasp the true essence of ‘wild’ one must record in an non-obstructive way and blend into the natural surroundings.

We all leave a footprint in the wake of our very existence on the planet. If we think about our actions and how it affects the community of life collectively then we can have positive effects for future generations.

It reminds me of a quote: “see the bird with a leaf in her mouth. After the flood all the colors came out. It was a beautiful day.” If you really can be satisfied by simply witnessing that then you have it made. And yes, it was a beautiful day.